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J. C. Argyle in front of Tryptic,  "Beginnings."

J. C. Argyle in front of Tryptic, “Beginnings.”

I am pleased you found my fledgling site. I built it to share with friends my recent endeavors. My creative time is currently divided between three projects.

The first is writing fantasy fiction. My first attempt, The Half-Goblin Sorcerer, is about to be published as an ebook. The several illustrations I created for the ebook can be viewed here.

For the last seven years I have worked as an archaeologists in the  Petén jungle of Guatemala at a site called El Mirador. My work at the Maya has inspired me to create a number of images based on ancient Maya art. The images were mostly created by placing an original watercolor over a deep space image. http://hubblesite.org/gallery/wallpaper/

Finally, for my friends I have posted some of my favorite past creations.

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